The G700 Scientific Council* in alphabetical order:
  1. Paschalis AGANIDIS, PhD candidate in Political Science, University of Athens, Greece
  2. Vasilios ALEVIZAKOS, Dr. in Political Science, LSE, UK
  3. Eleni BALAMOTI, Lawyer and Hellenic Civil Service Official, Athens, Greece
  4. Manolis GALENIANOS, Assistant Professor in Economics, Penn State Univesrity, USA
  5. Athanassios GOUGLAS, political and administrative scientist / public policy expert, Athens, Greece
  6. Dimitris GOUGLAS, Health Economist - Policy Analyst, London, UK

Honorary Members:
  • Thodoris KOUTROUKIS, Associate Professor, University of the Aegean.

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Scientific Articles

Gouglas, A. (2013), "The young precariat in Greece: what happened to generation 700 euros?", Journal of European Perspectives for the Western Balkans, Vol.5, No.1 (8), pp. 30 - 49, April 2013

*Disclaimer: the views published by G700 as a "net-root" political advocay group do not in any way bind the members of the scientific council who express their views eponymously.


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